The impact of coronavirus COVID-19 on the world and the economy

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This article will not contain trashy pictures that we all love ... I tried to raise a serious topic, and rolled out longrid! Enjoy!

The number of infected coronavirus in the world has already exceeded 200 and today it is 000, which means the number of patients has doubled in just 206 weeks. And their number is steadily growing, which cannot but scare people of all nationalities, and no matter what your social status or level of intelligence is, because everyone can get sick. At the moment, the epicenter of the disease has moved from China to Europe. We must pay tribute to the Chinese authorities for the fact that they were able to defeat the disease in such a short time, despite the very high population density in cities. Unprecedented measures to combat the virus are taking place across the planet. Eurovision has already been canceled and the UEFA championship has been postponed to 226. VW plants cease operations in Europe. The Canadian authorities openly advise people to stock up on first-use goods. Iran released 2 thousand prisoners from prisons. The Fed has cut the rate to 2021% -85, and the IMF will provide 1 trillion dollars to provide support to states in combating COVID-19. The borders of many countries and flights are already closed, and will soon be closed in the rest. Severe quarantines have already been introduced in many countries. The bearish trend in the markets is growing. This is only a scanty list of tin that occurs around the world.

The number of coronavirus infected today in Italy 41035 people, and the number of deaths overtook China as soon as possible and amounts to 3405 a person is a shocking percentage of death. The crematoriums simply cannot cope, and the military simply takes out the corpses from the cities in an unknown direction.

The number of coronavirus infected in of Russia increased to 199 people, of which no more than 10% were infected without leaving the country. The infection has already been detected in more than 20 regions of the Russian Federation. And new infected people were identified in Moscow, Moscow, Samara, Kaliningrad, Tver, Tambov, Kaluga, Nizhny Novgorod, Penza, Sverdlovsk, Arkhangelsk and Yaroslavl regions. In addition, people infected with COVID-19 were found in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Republic of Tatarstan and the Republic of Khakassia. From March 18 to May 1, the borders for foreigners and stateless persons will be closed in the country. From March 20, there will be restrictions on all flights. All cafes and restaurants in Moscow are closed. Educational institutions are closed for quarantine from March 23 to April 12. - The authorities advise not to hold any sporting events in the country from March 21. Banks are moving most of their employees to work remotely.

The number of infected coronavirus currently in Ukraine21 people, officially registered 3 deaths from this ailment. As you can see, there are not many infected yet, but the country's authorities decided to take the lead and imposed strict quarantine from March 17 to April 3. Within the framework of which schools and institutes, cafes and restaurants, stations and the metro do not work. In large cities, there was a transport collapse, because not only did they close the metro, and more than 10 passengers cannot be transported in ground transport. Police are actively verifying compliance with all quarantine measures, and fines are promised a fine. After the start of such tough measures, a wave of devastation of supermarkets swept through. But the delivery services began to work for wear and tear, because now they have more than enough orders. It is already very difficult to buy masks in the country, and their prices are especially high. The situation is not easy, but it is hoped that such emergency measures can prevent the mass spread of the virus in Ukraine.

In connection with such tough measures in many countries, a total economic fucking can occur! Although it has already begun to happen ... First, the stock markets collapsed, and traders have not seen such a collapse since "Black Monday" in 1987. Then, due to the refusal of the Russian Federation to reduce oil production and increase by Saudi Arabia in response to this, the price of crude oil fell more than 2 times and is now trading below $ 30 per barrel. This price has not been seen since the Persian Gulf War in 1991. Then the cost of bitcoin fell twice, it was the biggest drawdown in such a short time in its history. True, he has already recovered a little and is trading at $ 6800. By the way, the red cross of Italy and the Netherlands is already accepting cryptocurrency donations to fight the coronavirus. The Russian ruble fell significantly (up to 80 rubles per dollar), like the Ukrainian hryvnia (up to 27 hryvnia per dollar) It is logical that the situation will worsen due to quarantines.

Friends, take all the recommended measures to combat the virus responsibly. This will help not only you, but the whole world to avoid more sad consequences. The other day I studied the history of past pandemics, as it turned out, the largest known pandemic shook the world in 1918-1919. It was an epidemic of the H1N1 flu, popularly nicknamed the "Spanish flu" (it's the swine flu of 2009). At that time, according to various sources, it claimed from 50 to 100 million people, with a total population of the planet of 1.6 "yards". Statistics show that the highest death rate was observed in India. Many will say that this is due to the high population density, but this is not entirely true, because in China the figures were almost 10 times lower. I assume that this is due to the unsanitary conditions that are inherent in the Hindus. Therefore, follow the recommended hygiene rules! Be healthy and rich!

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