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Trust Wallet Application
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Trust Wallet - overview

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing at just a fucking rate. Due to this tendency, among users there is a question about choosing the most secure and convenient cryptocurrency purse... Among the many variks, the wallet deserves special attention. Trust wallet. It multicurrency wallet, united by a proprietary interface. Purse Trust wallet Provides instantaneous access to cryptocurrency assets. At the same time, his level of security is sufficiently pumped and rosary.

The following will list the key features of the wallet Trust walletHis benefits... Iris will also be able to familiarize themselves with a guide on how to effectively work with this tool.

Trust Wallet - what is this wallet?

Trust Wallet Information

Trust wallet - is crypto wallet from the team Binance, in which the developers have successfully implemented a decentralized exchange (based on the interaction between the Kyber Network and Binance DEX platforms). Wallet creator Trust wallet is Victor Radchenko - American programmer of Ukrainian origin. Uncle Vitya for a certain period of time headed the department of creators of decentralized solutions in the Binance Innovation Zone.

Trust Wallet CEO

Uncle Vitya looks at you

In the process of creating the wallet, the developer paid special attention to its security and expanded functional... In November 2017, the release of the first stable version of the wallet designed for mobile platforms.

Despite its high popularity, the wallet Trust wallet improving and today... The list of functional features of the application Trust wallet can be attributed:

  • efficiency and ease of downloading;
  • availability of cross-chain exchange based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain);
  • storage of keys and seed phrases at the user, due to which third-party access is excluded;
  • interaction directly from the interface with decentralized applications (dApps);
  • an abundance of cryptocurrency assets: the system supports over 160 tokens and assets for trading and exchange;
  • the ability to buy cryptocurrency for fiat funds (just link a bank card);
  • the presence of a native utility token TWT (Trust Wallet Token), which is intended for use in the application;
  • a high degree of anonymity and security: to install the application, the user does not need contact information and other personal information.

Due to the above features, the wallet Trust wallet became the leader among available multicurrency wallets.

Instructions for using Trust Wallet

All iris are advised to read the instructions for working with Trust wallet.Trust Wallet Crypto Wallet

Creating a wallet in Trust Wallet

On a mobile phone, upon first launch, the user will be prompted to choose one of the most appropriate ways to connect the wallet:

  • creating a new wallet;
  • the use of a mnemonic phrase that already exists.Trust Wallet Application

Next, the first option will be considered, since the import of the phrase seed presents no difficulty. To create your first wallet in Trust wallet you need to click "Create a new wallet».

Next stage - preservation mnemonic generated phrase. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • save to clipboard;
  • saving locally in the cloud storage or in a password manager;
  • save the QR code.

    Trust Wallet Create New Wallet

    there are no dallars on this wallet, do not log in😂

Having chosen one of the options, you need to click on the button "Next". When the "Finish" button is clicked, a window with a mnemonic phrase will appear immediately. It will be generated by a special algorithm Trust wallet... This phrase acts as private key. The information below should be considered responsibly.

The user needs save the words of a mnemonic phrase... It is important to understand that in case of their loss, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to get access to the wallet, as well as to the assets in it (it’s impossible at all, from the word at all). The user needs to make sure that the saved mnemonic phrase is correct (to do this, click on each of the 12 words in necessary order - such a protection from a moron). If all actions are completed right, the operation will be completed... The user will only have to click on the button "Continue».

After these manipulations, the wallet will be created... To start using it, it is important to know exactly how to perform operations inside Trust wallet and be able to use public addresses correctly.Trust Wallet After Registration

Main screen and adding coins

First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the application interface. At first, the user is offered several main coins: ETH, BTC and BNB.

To add coins, click on the icon with dots в the right top corner of the screen. After that, a list with available cryptoassets will open. To speed up the search, just enter in the line Search abbreviated name coins or tokens. To activate the display of the token on the main page - tap toggle switch opposite the required token.Trust Wallet Tokens List


In the settings there is an item "Wallet connect", Which is required to access the application to camera... It is used to scan QR codesand also to add new wallets. To allow the application to use the camera, in the settings you must select the item "Wallet connect". To increase protection, it is also recommended to activate the function pin code... To do this, select the item "Security"In the item" Access code "and move the special slider to the right. In a new window, you must enter a password. The combination must be remembered. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the application later. Here you can add new wallets, manage push notifications, activate price notifications, and break into all available social networks of the project.Trust Wallet Settings List


By visiting this section, you will be able to get acquainted with the coins that can be used for staking with an indication of their APR (annual profit expressed as a percentage). With the right approach staking is a hell of a lot for passive income.Trust wallet staking page

Having selected the desired asset, you need to click on the button "Yet"And select"Steak". In the tab you can find information about the details lockup period and staking.

Available NFT Collections

Users also have access to a separate tab with collectible tokens, coins and other digital objects that are available on the marketplace. Wallet NFT

How to find your public address

Inside the wallet you can find out public token address. To do this, click on the selected asset and press the button "Get". The screen will display the address in the form QR code... To get an alphanumeric version, you need to click on the "Copy»And insert the combination into the payment field. This operation is identical for all types of tokens with which the user works inside the wallet.Trust Wallet Receive Token

Sending a transaction

The sending operation is carried out in a similar way. To do this, you need to select an asset and click on the "Send", Then - enter the required amount, the recipient's address and click on the button"Continue". After checking the correctness of the information, you can click on the button "Make a transaction».Trust Wallet Sending Token The list of payments made for the selected token is located at the bottom of the screen. Here you can also track status the executed transaction. You can manage the transaction commission by clicking on gear in the upper right corner.Trust wallet transaction

How to make a backup

To get a backup copy of the wallet, you need to click on the gear with the name "Setting","Purses”, After - click on the three dots to the right. After that, the properties window will open, in which you will need to select the item "Show secret phrase". It is saved by analogy with the actions that were carried out during the creation of a new wallet.

Performing a cross-chain exchange within a wallet Trust wallet

To exchange one cryptocurrency for another, you need to select the section "DEX"Is a decentralized platform inside the wallet. The desired exchange pair must be selected by clicking on the name of the token and indicating the required number of coins. When the data is entered, you should click on the button "Exchange».Trust wallet swap token

The processing time of the tranza determines the degree of network congestion, however, as always. Once completed, a notification will appear on the screen. Compared to centralized exchanges, all transactions are carried out within the wallet. The owner of the coins remains them until the moment of the exchange. Today, even in theory, there are no mechanisms that would prevent transactions in the wallet. Trust wallet. Decentralized cryptocurrency trading and exchange platforms are the most secure and reliable for users.

Trading procedure within Trust Wallet

To go to trade, you need to click on the "Exchange". Having chosen the optimal number of coins, the user should click "Buy" or "Sell". An open application will be displayed in a separate field at the bottom of the screen.Trust Wallet Exchange Page

Alternative to Trust Wallet

There are a huge number of analogues on the modern market: Exodus, MyEtherWalletas well as Jaxx and Coinbase Wallet. Despite this, Trust wallet bypasses competitors in numerous parameters✅

By including Trust wallet into the ecosystem Binance, managed to create an autonomous and very reliable cryptocurrency platform. The increased interest of users in this product is quite logical... Personally, I also put bold lucas on this trump software product🍺!


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