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Superkopilka preview
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Title: pays
3/10 Risk scale
Bartender deposit: $ 500
Deposit from: $ 0.5
Payout type: Manual up to 24 hours
In Bar: 1 year
RefbekYou get a bonus in the form of% of your deposit in the project: 10% Send a request
Business model: from 16% per month

Bartender's opinion: SuperKopilka - The legend project, which has been working since May 13, 2013. You yourself understand that for the world of high-yield funds this is an extraordinary deadline, so this project is not even appropriate to be put on a par with the hypes that we are used to. Over the years of work Super Piggy Bank only lazy people didn’t work in it, there are a lot of reviews about the project on the network, and without any problems you can evaluate its grandiose scale. This is a really cool investment platform that has been steadily paying profits for 7 years, and not only on deposits and affiliate programs, but even compensates for losses in other highs. In a word, SuperKopilka breaks stereotypes and shows other administrators an example of how to work.

Project Information

The project positions itself as a mutual assistance fund in which participants share funds. Administration Super Piggy Bank does not hide that profit is paid from participants' deposits and no economic activity is conducted. At the same time, such an enviable viability of the project is ensured by the payment schedule, which distributes finances and the order of profit for the participants.

An interesting feature of the payout schedule is that the karma of the participant has an effect on it. If the investor is active and supports the project, then his karma will have a high rate. Every 4 weeks, karma is checked, if it is low, then the payment is postponed to a later date.

Investment conditions and affiliate program

Investment offer from Super Piggy Bank consists of three areas: "Deposits"," Goals "and the program" Rentier ". In the case of deposits, investors are offered the usual method of earning in the form of a one-time payment of the entire amount. In this case, the participant himself chooses the terms and amount of the deposit.

Unlike “Deposits”, “Objectives»Involve the contribution of individual payments over the entire duration of the participation. As a result of this, a substantial amount is accumulated and in the end the investor receives the accumulated and percentage profit. In essence, this is an after-plan that accepts deposits in installments over the entire term.

The program "Rentier»Differs from the previous options in that it makes a profit on a weekly basis. At the same time, the participant opens the deposit one-time, and the regular yield includes not only profit, but also the body of the deposit.

Additional opportunities for earning are opened by an affiliate program with payment of remuneration at eight levels of 10-2-0.5-0.3-0.2-0.1-0.1-0.1% of the contribution of a referral. In addition, there are bonus programs and additional features:

  • Help for a beginner in the amount of $ 30: $ 10 is paid immediately upon registration, another $ 20 - after creating a deposit of at least $ 20.
  • Test drive is a test and one-time opportunity to create an accelerated program.
  • Advertising mode - from the 2nd to the 16th week, goals will bring increased profitability.
  • Wheel of Fortune - a cash prize draw among participants who have contributed at least $ 100 as an investment.
  • StopDolls is a loss compensation program that is available to all new members. You can return money lost in other hypes or, for example, as a result of theft.Important! The project has such a concept as “new money”. It implies funds depositing to the balance with the personal money of the participant. That is, it is your money, and not earned in the project, received on an affiliate program or as a bonus.To invest in a project you need to open an account, for this, follow my link to the site. You will immediately be presented with a registration form in which you first need to check the name of the inviter. If everything is specified correctly, it remains to fill in the data in the form and click the "Register" button. Once in your account, you can proceed to replenish the account, for this there is a green button on the main page called "Top up balance". During the replenishment, select a payment method, indicate the amount and make payment through a payment system.

    Add funds

    When the money is on the balance, go to the "Goals and deposits" section, where you need to choose a goal from the list. Carefully read the terms of return and terms.Investments plan

    Earned money can be put on a conclusion through the button "Request a withdrawal". You can find it in the main section of the LC, and standard data is indicated in the application.

    Lifehack from the bartender

    • Inside the project, the internal currency “theta". Its rate is stable and equal to the dollar.
    • The minimum investment amount is $ 0.5, so absolutely any investor can afford a deposit in Piggy Bank.
    • You can apply for a withdrawal for an amount from 0.1 $ to 500 $.
    • You can create a deposit through the payment systems NixMoney, Perfect Money.
    • The withdrawal is carried out in manual mode, the schedule is up to 24 hours.

Dynamics of deposits: widget for

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11 months ago

Fresh payment from the project $ 266))))

11 months ago

And again babos dripped from the project))) 🐽
Super Piggy Bank steers👍

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10 months ago

06.12.20 14:01
Sent Payment: 100.00 USD to account U11488253 
Batch: 318910789
Memo: Shopping Cart Payment

10 months ago

Svezhachok from Superkopilki !!! 👌👌👌

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10 months ago

Payments again))) from the Super Piggy Bank 🤑

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10 months ago

Payments again))) from the Super Piggy Bank) 🤑

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7 months ago

💵 Another payment👌
💵 Stably paying project😉

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6 months ago

Another conclusion from the project 💵💵💵
SuperMoney Pays💰➡️💳

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6 months ago

Regular payments from SuperKopilka ❗️
581 $ 🤓😎
The safest investment during a crisis💯

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6 months ago

payment 732 $
The project works like a clock !!! ⏱

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5 months ago

fresh payment from the project $ 805
everything is on schedule, as always 👍

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3 months ago

Greetings friends! Received another $ 500 payment this week from the SuperKopilka project. Money comes very quickly, within a few hours. I received the funds to my NixMoney wallet. Most of the funds that I receive I use for reinvestment to build a loopback passive income strategy. The total amount of deposits and goals created has already reached $ 90.000. The project enables participants to create a permanent source of passive income. I recommend this project as a reliable community of mutual funding, in which people help each other to gain financial independence. It is better to invest your money in a SuperCapacity bank than in HYIPs and shake if you are lucky to go through a couple of circles at the start of the project or not. I left... Read more »