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Title: pays
4/10 Risk scale
Bartender deposit: $ 700
Deposit from: $ 50
Payout type: Manual up to 24 hours
In Bar: 6 months
RefbekYou get a bonus in the form of% of your deposit in the project: 5% Add to Cart
Business model: 0.25% - 0.5% daily for 12 business days;

Bartender's opinion: HYIP Robotics online Is a low-yield investment project 2019 year, to which I have already paid attention for a long time, but did not dare to send, since the profitability seemed to me too small. But after all, at a long distance, you can lift well and in a low percentage ... Therefore, I was fucking watching from the fence and decided to test this platform on 700  Baku... It is noteworthy that the project was partisan of the whole one and half year, after which in the spring of this year I changed design and started smoothly pretend advertising. But, one hell, now the project is working in a quiet mode and the active phase is still not started, because I recommend not crushing the sissy, but starting to cut the loot, especially since with my refback on Robotics at the rate of 5% profit per circle increases by more than 2 times! Below I present to your attention on the project Robotics review and feedback ...

Robotics.online Frontpage

Information about the Robotics.online project:

The official start of the project Robotics took place November 3 2019 years... Approximately one and a half the platform worked in quiet mode, and already 10 May 2021 years the administration made Re-branding, after which, in fact, a smooth development and advancement has already begun. According to the legend, Robotics Online LLC - Is an association dedicated people who make a lot of money from the robotics and cryptocurrency movement. The company is from the USA, and its CEO is Michael Stark... The site also has information about 7 key members project teams and each of them gives mini interview.
Robotics.online Information
If someone does not have enough information about the activity Robotics on the official website, that is, the ability to download the presentation in PDF, which is very detailed and includes 58 pages (👉🏿PDF).

On the technical side, the guys gash everything distinctly, you can immediately see that they were not stingy: self-written script, unique design, original content, understandable Robotics personal account, SSL from Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-3 until June 10, 2022, NameCheap domain registrar for 4 years, hosting from Cloudflare, dedicated line with US IP. I did not find any jambs and I think that everything is implemented here quite juicy, and only the absence of the Russian language saddens, but this is not important.

Investment rates in the project and the Robotics.online affiliate program:

Robotics.online Investments
The platform administration has integrated investment marketing with floating percentage, the yield of which is from 0,25% to 0,5% on 12 working days, after which the deposit back... There is also a function compounding, it allows you to automatically reinvest deposit with interest on a new circle, but this I do NOT I recommend, because then you will not receive a refback from me in the amount 5% of the deposit.
Robotics.online Investment Plans
In addition, the project Robotics holds a weekly lottery, in which you can win up to 1 greenery (so the administration is drizzling smoothly). For every 25 dollars deposit you get 1 lottery ticket ... What if this is your finest hour?) (pysyNO)
Robotics.online Affiliate Program
As for the affiliate program, it is represented by a line up to 3 levels deep and offers a bonus: 5-3-1% respectively. The site says that the maximum refka is 8%, apparently this is for the official Representatives... I remind you that Bar provides on Robotics # breathtaking refback in size 5% from your deposit. Regard under Bartender - and you get the most mind-blowing 🍺RCB cocktails !!!

Registration and creation of a deposit:

Go to the official website Robotics in my link and fill out the registration form in Latin: name, surname, mail, password. Check that it is written at the top Barman invites you to jointhat will make it possible to get from me bonus from the contribution in the amount 5%... Then press the button below "Submit».

Next, enter your username in the pop-up window and click "Submit". After that, you will be automatically transferred to Robotics Personal Area. A message with a request hangs at the top confirm mail - confirm. To create a deposit in the column on the left, click the button "Deposit", in the column "Perfect Money» enter the desired amount deposit and press "Go to payment gateway«.
Robotics.online Make Deposit
Then you carry out until it hurts acquaintances movement in merchant bills and money fly in into the project.
To withdraw funds, use the button Withdraw in the navigation pane on the left side of your personal account.

Lifehack from the bartender:

The minimum investment amount is $ 50.
The minimum payout amount is: $ 10.
Investing in the fund can be done through payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.
There are manual payments in the project, up to 72 hours.

Dynamics of deposits:

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