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Barman / 24.01.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX
Doubler.to - 5% bonus on deposit #SENDED

Opinion Bartender: Doubler is a new fast project, which is a bitcoin doubler. Such funds are very popular among investors and 100% are in the top options for earning. Hype offers a gorgeous profit of x2 in 8 days, these are excellent conditions, but the risks here are high, and not only at the expense of interest - the tariff is an after-plan and the investor will not receive any payments for the entire period of his work.

The deposit has worked 200 hours profit is fixed! The bartender wishes the admin happiness, health, and long life! Your health! 🍺


Barman / 20.01.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX
Watfordcorp.com - How to make money on the Internet?

Opinion Bartender: corporation Watford - This is a business that is suitable only for those investors who like to make money long and reliable, and not run from hype to hype every two weeks, hoping to grab at least some piece of meat.

Barman / 18.01.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX
Comextrades.com - 1% deposit bonus

Bartender's opinion: Comextrades is a good option for diversification if your portfolio lacks a working and stable middleman. The project has proven itself to be a long period of guerrilla existence, at present it has left the regime of silence the other day and only now its distribution across the industry will begin. In a word, now is the most relevant time for the depot and it’s a sin to miss this opportunity to earn.

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Barman / 18.01.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX
Who is Blockchain and where to drink with it?

Around crypto-currency и block a lot of hype, but few people know what kind of game it is and how to explain it in human language. There are a lot of articles on the network about how cool it is to use a crypto, which is a must-have and trend, at the same time, everyone forgets about the main thing - technologies that are much more valuable and can turn our world upside down. In this article, we will understand what kind of beast is blockchain and who needs it at all.

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Barman / 17.01.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX
Decentralized 9 - 2% bonus on deposit - SCAM


Opinion Bartender: Decentralized 9 - fast after changing clothes, which worked quietly for more than a year. This is not to say that hype is something supernatural, it is more likely to go on the reputation of the admin in the past than on its own merits. Yes, he is well prepared and there is a normal rate for investments, but there is more noise around this hype due to the fact that everyone suspects the presence of a TOP administrator here.

True, the admin crap, when one "blogger" ransomware put him a problem status, like give me money. The admin was not at a loss, and wrote to another blogger, “collective farmer”: Help out! And so here a nice correspondence ensued in the comments.

All would be fine, but the real TOP admin absolutely fuck the blackmailers. And certainly the TOP admin will not waste his time so that the “kolkhozavr” blogger harnessed for him in shitty comments. Conclusion: the admin here is either a blogger from a party of "collective farmers", or just a juvenile dolt.

Why, then, did I add this crap to my blog? Because the year of partisanism and the limitation on the amount of contribution give a good chance for a decent job.

Barman / 13.01.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX
NNC Systems - Bonus 2% of the contribution # SPEND


Opinion Bartender: The NNC Project refers to those projects in which there is so much in mind that investors are hard to get to the bottom of the matter and, as a result, hang out more often in simpler hyps. Maybe this is the secret of long work? The fact remains - while many are trying to consider the highlight of this fund, more experienced investors have long been deposited here and receive a profit.
Do not underestimate personal risks: Mr. Shifrin is a fisted and seasoned scammer. The main thing is that it doesn’t work like in a joke:
- What will happen if a Jew dreams that he dines in a restaurant?
- He will hasten to wake up before they bring the bill.

Barman / 13.01.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX
Stocksons.com - Get a 7% Bonus on Your Deposit #SEND


Opinion Bartender: Stocksons.com - a flagship project from the KhOPG Dneprovsky. The guys know how to work, everyone should take 2-3 rounds in this project. You can see the corporate identity and the high cost of creation, with the technical part everything is fine. The project competently started before the holidays, the “leaders” who were sooooo from the New Year’s party have not yet joined the buildup - all the chances of an excellent profit. In short, join.
For hotheads, I want to note that the Dneprovskiy KhOPG (as authoritative people rely on it) turned on “Scam” statuses, inquiries / complaints in support, your expectations for the service and profit. If they decide to block your account because of a large deposit, or just cut everyone in this project - no one will stop them. These risks must be taken into account, the guys are independent, impudent and frostbitten.

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Barman / 11.01.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX
Tender-Expert.net- how to make money on the Internet? (Bonus 5% of the contribution) # Spent

Opinion Bartender: Imagine that you are a lonely and wealthy man. You are too lazy to get acquainted and look after the girls / you don’t have time, and you use the services of elite escort girls “for health”. You can afford it. Of course you try to diversify your leisure time, you call different girls. But you have one beloved girl - Tanya, who is the most cheerful and sincere. You can talk to her, and laugh, and she knows your habits, and you yourself know her biography and abilities well.

Here is the admin Tender expert - like this Tanya. Relatively reliable, nice and boring. No intrigue from the start, everything is clear to everyone. Depressed and went for profit.

# Spent

Barman / 19.11.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX
How much can you earn in highs?

The most common question a beginner even infuriates. The answer to it: as much as you take.

In public chats, everyone howls about scams, how bad everything is and it's time to shoot the family and yourself. But think for yourself - if it was impossible to make money in HYIPs, why would people be sitting in these chats for days?

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