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Orionfinance.org Frontpage

Information about the Orionfinance.org project

The official start of the project Orion Finance org took place 1 September 2021 years. I decided to break in at the start and follow the movement from the inside, because even before the start they tricked me into hearing how “chocolate” everything would be here. Considering that the project is only a few days old, on most fleas and familiar monitors info about the platform so far no, and the administration is unlikely to sharply rush to tarry listings there... After all, the flow of money went like this, many leaders with thousands of structures rushed here with their refs as soon as it became perhaps, some send by 50-100 thousand greens to take grades higher. By the way. the project has one very interesting feature:

You cannot withdraw more than the amount per day your personal investment, because apparently they are so fatty, they are going to ebent 100 kilos of refki per day!

According to the legend, Orion Finance allows you to accumulate and distribute cryptocurrency assets through innovative tools DeFi and a specialized system of smart contracts. Orion is a large-scale ecosystem of various blockchain solutions that are interconnected and will maintain the liquidity of the company's branded token.

Orionfinance.org Company

The administration plans to integrate the following gadgets in the near future:

  • Plastic cards with the ability to pay in crypto and cashback in the ORUSD token;
  • ORUSD token — stablecoin pegged to the dollar;
  • ORD token is an exchange token that should grow in price, providing an additional cabbage stick;
  • Academy Orion, which will promote various educational programs to the masses;
  • Cryptocurrency purse extended functionality that will allow you to make p2p exchanges, some trading frauds, as well as staking ORUSD and ORD tokens;
  • Orion Real Estate promises to help the participants of the system profitably purchase real estate for its further lease;
  • Laboratory Orion will consider various progressive startups, for further profit from investing in them.

Founder of the system and CEO Orion - Is Brian McCrory, which over the past 20 years has successfully launched and developed businesses in various areas. Before the "bald talisman of Bar" limb NOT lasts, the muzzle is too cute, but in general, norms, grandfather to work with chroma key can

Orionfinance.org Leader further according to the legend: It was thanks to his grandfather's experience of leadership that he managed to put together such a well-coordinated team that was able to implement the platform on that puss the level at which we have it now watching... The technique is as follows, Orion Finance official site loaded unique disom, handwritten engine, original content, SSL from Cloudflare Inc ECC to 12 July 2022 year, domain registrar NameCheap for 5 years, with a dedicated server. In addition to the technical part, the administration took care of the legal side. At the moment, the project is officially registered already in Xnumx countries: Malta, Estonia, Singapore and Hong Kong. (Rega in each country weighs not 3 kopecks ...)

Investment rates in the project and Orionfinance.org affiliate program

Orionfinance.org Invest info
The project administration has developed a straightforward and understandable marketing of moderate profitability. The investment tariff is only here one and he promises daily accrual of profit from 0,7% to 1,4% per day. But, unfortunately, not all the profit breaks off investor, and some part of it remains the company, the share of the company directly depends on the amount of funds that you have invested - the more invest, the more yours share. The exact distribution of shares you can dybanut in the picture above☝🏿
Please note that at first, to combat anti-zakidon, the administration introduced a phased defrosting function. Depositwithin the program Welcome Offer... This means that your deposit will be added еженедельноBy 15% every week.

Let's send mower: become active immediately 150 bachey, in a week 300 bachey and so on until full defrosting the deposit. This fucking thing will last until 16 2021 October, the, in the opinion of managers, this will help maintain liquidity at the start. All investors who opened a deposit during this period will receive a bonus + 5 % to deposit.

As for affiliate programs, there are as many as 3 types of it (linear, binary, ranked), as it should be in a large MLM topic, with talking heads, offline offices and other fucker ...
Orionfinance.org Partner Ship
The first type of referral, of course, linear program that offers to receive from 3% bonus in the first line, and also makes it possible to open up to 3 referral levels, the maximum refc will be 6-3-3% respectively.
Orionfinance.org Binar Information
Next comes the binary bonus, here it is enough cunning, and therefore not having a large Deposit, it is unlikely that you can make money lot, the larger the deposit, the greater the coefficient👌🏿
Orionfinance.org Binar
By binar, you have the opportunity to earn from 5% to 12% for closing a binary pair with a step of 100 Baku.
Orionfinance.org Rank Bonus
For the achievement of everyone leadership rank envisaged bonusesas indicated in the table above☝🏿. To make the transition between ranks, you should increase private deposit, deposit invited first line, as well as general turnover structure.

In addition to these three areas, there are 3 additional areas that stimulate leaders to actively increase the volume of structures: quick start, regional program and first meeting of Orion Dubai.
Orionfinance.org Bonuses list
Quick start only works the first 2 week after your registration, if you actively attract customers during this period, you will receive a bonus.
The regional program provides compensation of up to $ 3000 for opening a branded office Orion... In addition, if the office produces good results, then you may be covered for rent costs up to $ 1000.
The first official presentation is planned for October Orion в Dubai... Anyone up to 1 October will squeeze to 5 rank, will be able to get to this party and count on reimbursement of expenses up to 3000 bucks for travel, accommodation and so on.

Registration on the fund website and creation of a deposit

Go on my link to the official website Orion Finance and fill out the registration form: country, mail, name, surname, phone number, password twice, login... Be sure to check that in the column “Your referrer»Written stus49zwto qualify for refback by Orion at the rate of 5% from me. Press the button "Create an account».
Orionfinance.org Register Action
Then go to your Accountusing registration data. To create a deposit in your personal account Orion Finance press the button "My Accounts» in the navigation bar on the left. Further in the columnMaster account» press the button «Top up«.
Orionfinance.org Account
Now choose "Top up the balance from a third-party wallet or exchange“, choose a convenient payment instrument (I recommend USDT on TRC-20 — in the TRC network you will pay the lowest commission) and press the button "Top up«.
Orionfinance.org Balance
In the next tab copy the wallet address and replenish it on the right for you the amount. After the required number of network confirmations, the deposit flies on the balance sheet. This procedure can be taken by: 🚨from a couple of minutes to ten hours! ️
Orionfinance.org Create Deposit
Now, to create a deposit, click "Smart pool" in the navigation bar on the left, then click "Invest", choose below"Invest from an internal wallet"-"Master account", enter the desired amount and click"Invest«.
Orionfinance.org Make Dep
To withdraw funds, click "My accounts", and then opposite "Profit from smart pool» press «Withdrawal". Easier than simple…🍺🍺🍺

Lifehack from the bartender:
🍺The minimum investment amount is $ 100;
🍺Minimum payment amount is: 10 US dollars;
🍺Investing in the fund can be done through payment systems: BTC, ETH, USDT (TRC-20), TRX;
🍺The project has manual payments;

Dynamics of deposits:

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