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Title: Do not pay
10/10 Risk scale
Bartender deposit: $ 500
Deposit from: $ 10
Payout Type: Manual
In Bar: 2 years
RefbekYou get a bonus in the form of% of your deposit in the project: 2% Add to Cart
Business Model: 2% -50% per month


Opinion Bartender: The NNC Project refers to those projects in which there is so much in mind that investors are hard to get to the bottom of the matter and, as a result, hang out more often in simpler hyps. Maybe this is the secret of long work? The fact remains - while many are trying to consider the highlight of this fund, more experienced investors have long been deposited here and receive a profit.
Do not underestimate personal risks: Mr. Shifrin is a fisted and seasoned scammer. The main thing is that it doesn’t work like in a joke:
What will happen if a Jew dreams that he is dining in a restaurant?
He will hurry to wake up before the bill arrives.

Project Information

It is impossible to call NNC Project a novelty, since the admin has been plowed for three months already. The resource was launched in October 2019, you yourself understand that for such a period only a deaf and blind investor does not know it. The admin was very clever with the legend and its elaboration, mixed everything he could think of into one heap - here you have a neural network, and cryptocurrency, and a burger for suckers. Mishkutkovoda picked up these tales and trumpeted everywhere that there is a super / mega / top cryptocurrency startup, but we know that it is a pyramid in Africa too.

We will miss the information about admin’s fantasies and move on to the point. And it consists in the fact that the project is robustly prepared in terms of technology. The admin did not spare money and bought a self-written script, there is a green bar and a good design. Apparently, he recaptured the costs of creating a hype a long time ago, but continues to work and gradually finishes off various chips.

Investment rates in the project and affiliate program

In addition to standard plans and affiliate programs, the NNC Project also has an insider called NNC. According to the pyramid builder, it will become a trend crypto, almost push bitcoin, but in fact this is all nonsense to create a solid image. But the developers beat their coin well and much in the project is tied to it.

The essence of the investment is in renting servers for mining - a lot of them are offered, and the price is from $ 15 to $ 5000. After buying a server, it will be profitable every hour for 14-50 days. The yield of packages depends on many factors - tentatively, participants will be able to receive from 2% to 50% per month.


The NNC Project has an additional opportunity to earn money - the development of a neural network. In fact, some participants are invited to add articles on the topic of finance to it, while others are invited to check these additions. As a result, everyone will receive payment in the project tokens.

The affiliate program pays the income from renting servers referrals in the amount of 2% and from tokens that the partner mined - from 1%. Regarding the affiliate program, there is a special feature - if you are too lazy to look for referrals yourself, you can simply buy them at the referrals exchange. Slave trade is available in your account.

Registration on the fund website and creation of a deposit

The whole essence of the project is opened in your personal account, so before you draw conclusions you should look behind the screen. The creation of an account begins with the main NNC Project, where you need to select "Registration".

Sign up

Three steps follow - we indicate the mail, accept the agreement and click the "Register" button.


A letter will be sent to the indicated address with a link to confirm registration. There will be a transition to the project website and you will immediately be asked to go to your personal account.

To rent a server, go to the section of your personal account “MINING SHOP”. Next, select a server from the list provided and click the Buy button.


To take profit from the project, go to the "My balance" section, if necessary, change the tokens to dollars and click the "Apply for withdrawal" button. Then, as a standard, create an application and wait for the receipt of funds.


Investment dynamics


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