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My Ether Wallet review [Crypto wallet MEW]

Many visitors to our bar interested in where is the best place to buy and store acquired crypt. To conduct effective and safe activities, it is recommended to use only proven crypto wallets, so as not to be fucked up hackers and do not pour sweat crocodile tears. Many experienced and novice traders choose a wallet MyEtherWallet... This tool offers many useful options for working with Ethereum and many other coins on the protocol ERC-20... Having figured out the available functions, you will also be able to increase your babosiks.

MyEtherWallet wallet history

My Ether Wallet Frontpgae

В 2015 year Kosala Hemachandra (The sun in the screenshot below) and Taylor Monahana created a wallet MyEtherWallet... At that time, only one function was available to users - the signature of transactions on the network. Ethereum... A few years later, the views of the developers parted, which is why the team was split into two parts. As a result, two different wallets appeared. Taylor led the project mycrypto, а Косала — MyEtherWallet... Beginning with 2018 years, projects are developing in parallel. It is important to note that the options available in them are identical.

Kosala Hemachandra

Development of a simple wallet

Key feature MyEtherWallet thing is purse only provides interface to work with crypt... It is stored in the blockchain, and only the user has access to the keys. MyEtherWallet allows you to create keys to a new address on Ethereum... Another option is to open an already created wallet to carry out all the necessary operations with cryptocurrency. Users have the ability to use the version of the application for both PCand for portable gadgets.

Next, we will consider the procedure for creating a wallet on a personal computerand also lists all available wallet functions MyEtherWallet.

Step 1

You must go to the site It is important to make sure that the site is hereby... The fact is that today there are many similar sites created by scammers to obtain keys. If the iris does not have a wallet, he needs to create new.

Login MEW

Step 2

About My Ether Wallet

The Iris will be asked to read an introduction to what is kriptovalyuta, Efirium... The page also details the features of the wallet. MyEtherWallet.

A wallet can be created in one of three ways:

  • via mobile Appendix;

  • by means of storage file key;

  • with help "mnemonic phrase"(Key to the wallet).

    Create acc in MEW

Step 3

After that, you need to choose the most suitable option for creating using Fileas it is a safe way to quickly authorization... The user needs to come up with a reliable password, which will be further used to work with the wallet.

The system will independently generate key file, which will need to be downloaded and placed in reliable Place.

Create MEW

In the event that a user wants to use a mobile application, the procedure in this case will be the same. It includes the following steps:

  • downloading the app from App Store or Google Play;

  • familiarization with information for beginners;

  • creating a backup copy of the wallet, in which it will be created mnemonic a phrase consisting of 24 words... This combination will also need save in a safe place;

  • enter 6-digit pin from an electronic wallet.

To access the wallet, you need to return to the main page and select access to the wallet.

My Ether Wallet Application

MyEtherWallet integrated:

  • with various hardware wallets: bitbox, Ledgerand Safe deposit and other systems;
  • with mobile applications through which you can open a wallet on a PC (created on a mobile device);
  • with browser extensions (for example, metamask).

The user needs to select "programmatic access"And authorization using key storage file... The last step is to show the way to file keys... Iris who decided to use MEW с mobile device, you just need to log in with gadget, select in the Web version authorization through the application on mobile, and scan QR chum

Qr code scan

Functional characteristics of My Ether Wallet

On the main page, you can familiarize yourself with the available wallet functions MyEtherWallet.

This list includes:

  • wallet address Ethereum (can be copied or opened as a QR code);

  • wallet balance and current network Ethereumwhere all smart contracts and transactions are recorded;

  • translation ETH can be carried out by the link "sent transaction».

  • The line below NFT Store.

  • Свапалка 100500 коинов — 1inch for the Rich💰.

  • DAPPS section.

    MEW Dashboard

The user will need to fill in the following fields: view и number coins, address recipient and commission for the ongoing transaction. The size of the commission will determine how quickly it will be produced операция... It is important to note that the service MyEtherWallet offers its users average commission with optimal speed. If necessary, the size of the commission can and should be regulate! ️

In additional parameters, you can also specify the limit "gas"(Additional commission setting).

After filling in all the fields, the transaction will be transferred to queue (Pool of transactions). After - network validators use transactions to generate blocks... The transaction that fell into the block is considered completed... After that, the currency will be sent.

Send ETH

Another popular option MyEtherWallet - exchange NFT tokens in the interface NFT manager. Since the wallet works with the network Ether, users will be able to conduct transactions with all types of tokens ERC-20... The wallet home page is also available current balance of tokens. In chapter "Exchange»You can exchange Ether on fiat money or any another cryptocurrency.

Swap tokens

It should be noted that MyEtherWallet has quite a lot of agreements with exchanges, various projects... Thanks to this, the trust of users in this project is very high... Based on the data provided Play Market, attachment MEW Wallet for Android has been downloaded by users over 500 thousand times. The number of downloads for iPhone - about 150 thousand

Features of buying Ether

Wallet owner MyEtherWallet has the ability to purchase Efirium through the Simplex payment system (operates under a license for financial transactions). Since 2019, users have access to more than 45 cryptocurrencies. To purchase, you need to click on the button "Buy ETH"At the top of the screen.

Buy Ethereum MEW

Before carrying out the operation, the user must indicate the required number of coins in a special window. Efirium, and also enter the receiving address kriptovalyuty... By clicking on the "Next», The user will be redirected to the bank card data entry page. The map can be saved for future shopping. After filling out the forms, the user will be redirected to the transaction confirmation page. Efirium will be credited to the specified account through 10-20 minutes.

DAPPS in My Ether Wallet

Децентрализованные приложения Dapps — не менее интересный раздел MyEtherWallet... They can be used on PCas well as on a mobile device. Stacking Is a new functionality available on the web Efirium... It was introduced to users in November of the past of the year. Staking is blocking in smart contract ETH to participate in the network as validator... In this case, the user receives a reward for confirming blocks.

The approximate level of return on staking is 7%-8% per annum in cryptocurrency. These figures are quite attractive, because the price of coins may increase. The minimum staking amount is 32 ETH... Naturally, this is considerable sum... Therefore, staking is better considered more experienced to investors.


Domain name registration is another useful option. To complete this procedure, you must use the service Unstoppable domains... In a special window, you can enter any word and the system will instantly offer a list of suitable domains that you can acquire.

Domain name registration

To receive passive income in cryptocurrency, you can also use one of the applications:

  • Aave: the project allows you to deposit funds under bailborrowing coins ETH, ERC-20 or stable tokens with stable or variable percentage rate. After making ETH the user will receive interest on the crypto loan;
  • MakerDAO: this is a dedicated platform for crypto lending... The minimum deposit in this case is approximately 3 Ether with annual yield 5,5%.

Functional characteristics of the mobile application

In the mobile application you can find all the above functions as well as new Dapps... In addition, there is access to Rare... It is one of the largest sites used to acquire digital art NFT... User can buy NFT, pay from the wallet, as well as receive funds without passing authorization.


TST Wallet MyEtherWallet is not only safebut also awesome functional... It is these characteristics that explain its popularity among traders... The wallet is ideal for storage ETH and various tokens ERC-20... Due to its simplicity, I can recommend the wallet MyEtherWallet for work not even experienced to investorswho have just started work On the market.


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