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Title: Do not pay
10/10 Risk scale
Bartender deposit: $ 500
Deposit from: $ 10
Payment type: Instant
In Bar: 12 months
RefbekYou get a bonus in the form of% of your deposit in the project: 10% Add to Cart
Business model: 6% - 28% daily


Bartender's opinion: Minerpalas.biz - it is developed at a very solid level highly profitable hype project 2021 from clear boy teams with indefinite investment tariffs launched in total 5 days back. Honestly, in their last project, I fucked up because of New Year's holidays and did not have time to go in time, and then already tried to come in, so as not to mess around. Nonetheless, bitperfect.top fulfilled just zayebato: 40 days at minimum yield 7% per day, consider yourself ... In the current project, the percentage is slightly more modestbut if the admins behave the same competentlyrather than decide spud vlachs on a turnip, that is, superb chances are good light a cigarette in project Minerpalas, a review and reviews about which you can study below... After weighing all the pros and cons, I departed here 500 blood Asashay rupees and I withdraw by 7% every day, well, huli, the project just started ... Break through! And their padawans I offer very tasty conditions: refback by Minerpalas 10% from the deposit!




Home Page Minerpalas.bizProject Information:

Official start of the HYIP project Minerpalas biz took place 11 February 2021. On the first day, the platform was supported by a number of Blokherov, it's hard to say if it was listings or personal depotsthanks to pussy turnips of admins, but after that advertising has not yet purchased... Threw in principle decently...
According to legend, the project Minerpalas takes money from private investors for trust management and provides an innovative opportunity to exchange their cryptocurrency assets. Relevant enough at the moment when cue ball flies away fuck into space, but at the same time everything is described rather poorly, while also the content groovy from different scum... By the way, last time with texts there was the same baida. But not in content happiness, we came here to cut Dollars!
Statistics in Minerpalas.biz

Investment rates in the project and affiliate program:

investment solution
Admins Minerpalas biz presented on their official website 7 investment rates, all of them lifelong... Yield from 7% to 28% per day. Dick clear that 28% it's clean fantasy, and to get so much you need two hundred square meters of green. Only the first two tariffs with profitability can be adequately considered 6% и 8% in a day. Even at the minimum wage, getting 6% daily and, taking into account the powerful refback by Minerpalas from Bar, it turns out to go to breakeven already after 15 days, and then just smoke profit!
Referral program
In addition, the project provides for earnings without investments 2021. Even without a deposit in the project, you can receive 5% from the first line of personally invited referrals и 1% from the second level... Attention! I return to my referrals double refback by Minerpalas at the rate of fucking 10%!

Registration and creation of a deposit:

The instruction below I washed down for newbieswho may have difficultiesI think they will appreciate my efforts on dignity... So, go to the site by my link, press the orange button at the top of the site “Signup”And fill in registration form Latin alphabet: name, login, password twice, mail twice, secret question, secret answer, wallet number. Be sure to check that at the very bottom of the form, in the column “Your upline”It was indicated“Bartender“, Which will give you the right to receive a crazy bonus from BARA (ten%). Then press the button below “REGISTER".
REgister action in Minerpalas.biz
Then you break into your personal account Minerpalasusing your registration data. To create a depot, click in the upper navigation panel “MAKE DEPOSIT“, Enter the amount of the deposit, select the payment and click“SPEND".
Make Deposit Minerpalas.biz
On the next tab, just press the button “PROCESS“And then confirm the transaction in the payment merchant.
Be sure to withdraw your profit daily, because it drips from a day. To do this, in your personal account, in the top panel, press the button “WITHDRAW FUNDS".

Lifehack from the bartender:

  • The minimum investment amount is 10 U.S. dollars.
  • The minimum amount for payment is: 0,5 dollar for fiat or 5 dollars for cryptocurrencies.
  • Investing in the fund can be done through payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashCoin, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin.
  • In the project are acting instant payments.

Vlach dynamics:

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11 months ago

Thank you for refbek!
02.18.21 08:23 Account Receive +2.5 Received Payment 2.5 USD from account U6289467 to account U ******. Batch: 369809068. Memo: See you at the Bar

11 months ago

11:18 18.02.21 Receive 369851035 Received Payment 2.5 USD from account U6289467. Memo: See you at the Bar  

11 months ago

02.19.21 12:16 Sent Payment: 50.00 USD to account U26977648. Batch: 370124070. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to minerpalas.biz

11 months ago

02.19.21 20:42 Account Receive +1.5 Received Payment 1.5 USD from account U26977648 to account U *****. Batch: 370234254. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from minerpalas.biz

11 months ago

Thanks for the refback 💸👍

02.19.21 19:02 Received Payment 2.5 USD from account U6289467. Batch: 370217941. Memo: See you at the Bar  
02.19.21 13:17 Received Payment 5.00 USD from account U6289467. Batch: 370138750. Memo: See you at the Bar  

11 months ago


02.20.21 12:56 Received Payment 3.00 USD from account U26977648. Batch: 370375601. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Tim from minerpalas.biz. 

11 months ago

17:42 20.02.21Transfer370447473U26977648
MinerPalas-10.190.19967.35Sent Payment 10.00 USD to account U26977648. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to minerpalas.biz User moto3. 

11 months ago

07:34 21.02.21Receive370544065U6289467
Kevin Own + 1.5 Received Payment 1.5 USD from account U6289467. Memo: See you at the Bar 

11 months ago

Thanks for the refback. The amount of 5 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U628-> U147. Memo: See you at the Bar. Date: 18:11 18.02.21. Batch: 369962205.

11 months ago

18:51 21.02.21Receive370705814U26977648
MinerPalas + 0.6 Received Payment 0.6 USD from account U26977648. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to moto3 from minerpalas.biz.