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Title: Do not pay
8/10 Risk scale
Bartender deposit: $ 700
Deposit from: $ 50
Payout Type: Manual
In Bar: 12 months
RefbekYou get a bonus in the form of% of your deposit in the project: 4% Add to Cart
Business model: 0.48% per hour for 9 days; 9% per day for 12 days; 7.5% per day for 15 days; 6.6% per day for 18 days; 127% in 21 days; 133% within 27 days; 139% within 33 days; 36% every 9 days for 36 days; 33% every 9 days for 45 days; 30% every 9 days for 54 days


Bartender's opinion:
ITO Superaud - low income HYIP with unusual implementation and balanced marketing. The asset began its work on 20.05, however, there are already a sufficient number of positive reviews about it on the network, many investors consider it a promising way to earn money online. First of all, the fund attracts with its good preparation and well-thought-out tariffs, which are well combined and will be of interest to a variety of investors. According to available information, the platform comes from abroad, it will be untwisted at the international level, and the presence of its own token is of additional interest ITO Superaud, which in the future may please the growth rate.

Project Information

According to legend, the developers of the project ITO Superaud working on a hybrid token exchange. According to the idea of ​​the administration, it will allow storing, buying and selling tokens with a high degree of system protection. Development funding will be through crowdfunding, on this ITO Superaud and invites members to make money online.

The investment project has a non-standard look and is unlike traditional hyip projects, at the same time it is technically prepared with high quality - it works on a self-written script, has a unique design in a minimalist style. As for the opportunities for investors, the administration has added a large list of payment systems, and the withdrawal of profits occurs in an instant mode.

Investment conditions and affiliate program

The conditions of earnings in the project are diverse, marketing is well balanced and offers to invest money for every taste and color. All announced four plans, of which three are already in force, and the fourth will be added in the future.

  • Visionary - after-tariff, which includes three options with different returns from 27% to 39% for a period of 21-33 day.
  • Beginner - pays 0.48% per hour for 9 days.
  • supporter - a marketing plan with daily returns from 6.6% to 9%will bring profit throughout 12-18 days.
    Investments plan

    Affiliate in ITO Superaud It has its own characteristics, in particular, it offers to pay profit only from funds invested by direct referrals. If the contribution to the hype is in dollars or crypt, then you will be credited 2.1%if the referral made a deposit in the tokens of the project, then from his deposit you will be paid 4.2%.

    Register on the site and create a deposit

    To add hype to your portfolio, you will need to create an account on the main page of the project. To do this, select “Join ITO” in the top menu. A registration form will appear in which you need to specify a name, password and mail address.

    The procedure ends with the acceptance of the terms of the user agreement, after which it remains to click the "Join».Register actionTo invest in the “PARTICIPATE»Select one of the tariffs, note that for some tariffs there are subplanes that you can select in the side menu. Next, click the "Confirm».Deposit list

    In the proposed list, select one of the payment cards and click the "Confirm».The choice of EPS

    After you should specify the wallet in the payment system and proceed to replenish the account. In case of replenishment in cryptocurrency, you will be presented with a wallet to which you need to transfer money.

  • It's important! Do not close the page until the money is in the project.Saving WalletWe withdraw the cache from the office according to the algorithm: “PARTICIPATE(I.e.LEDgers(I.e.piggy bank icon(I.e.CLAIM"Withdraw money

    Lifehack from the bartender

    • According to the terms of marketing, you can add from 25$ or 0.03 BTC.
    • Investments can be opened using EPS Perfect Money, in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Monero, etc.
    • Marketing Investment Fund Offers From 0.48% per hour, there are daily rates and after-plans.
    • In the process of creating a deposit, a commission will be charged, for each tariff it is own and amounts to 0.9-3%.
    • You can invest in dollars and cryptocurrencies, investors can also convert money into the ITO Superaud token.
    • Money is withdrawn instantly.
    • Withdraw Internet earnings in the amount of $ 0.1.

Dynamics of deposits:

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11 months ago

An interesting novelty just launched, this is a huge plus. The plans are very comfortable and acceptable, the choice is good. Minimal cool, we will get rich

11 months ago

Another project, with its token tied to the cue ball exchange rate. Diz is the simplest, without much imagination. Huge plans for all tastes.

Igor Kucheruk
Igor Kucheruk
11 months ago

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the quiz. And for depositors - profit.

11 months ago

“The beginning of this system can be considered February 2019, the Maxvest project. Then there was an attempt to implement a new approach to HYIPs and simultaneous tokenization of deposits to increase interest in the MVG token. " Then, in April, MVGs were converted into IUT tokens. Now you can become their owners.

11 months ago

Hmm, Roger is not enough) This is a freaking scam zadolbal) Again he rubbing his tokens -_-
Yes, and income is small)

11 months ago

The site is made simple, but at the same time intuitive, it pleases support for many languages. Average profitable hype, so at the start you can barge into the boldly for a month. On payments it would not be bad if they automate

11 months ago

It is very similar to the top admin, it is necessary to depose in a couple of days, if now the mowers do not throw

11 months ago

Simmilar Hyips 1 - WTF man ??

11 months ago

The rail is dull - just a disaster.

11 months ago

The choice of crypto for 5 projects in advance, the hand is tired of flipping.

mario bingo
mario bingo
11 months ago

An interesting movement is planned, a couple of days you can hold the horses.

10 months ago

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