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Coinmarketcap.com - features of the analytical service

As the cryptocurrency market develops, it becomes necessary to develop new tools and services. Using them, traders find it much easier to navigate the abundance of tokens.

I Coinmarketcap.co became the first and most convenient service for finding comprehensive information about current cryptocurrency projects.

Interface Description I Coinmarketcap.co

By visiting the site, the user will see a general list of available coins and tokens. Coins are sorted in descending order of market indicators. It is important to immediately note what exactly is the difference between coins and tokens. Unlike a token, a coin has its own blockchain. Accordingly, the token is smart contractwhose work is based on autonomous blockchain.I Coinmarketcap.co

cryptocurrencypresented in the table can be sorted according to the following criteria:

  • cost;
  • change in the course per day or week;
  • circulating volume or trading volumes.

In addition, you can sort exchanges by trading volume per day or filter exchanges by trading volume in a specific cryptocurrency. The price chart is displayed on the right side of the table. It is convenient to monitor the dynamics of the course change.

The site also contains a list of exchanges, tools and services that can be accessed through the menu items at the top of the site. Choose the desired language, currency, see the dominance of BTC and the cost GAS on the ETH network, you can also go to the menu located in the upper right part of the screen.Coinmarketcap Language

Cryptocurrencies at Coinmarketcap.com


This is the main section of the site. It provides static information that helps you get comprehensive information about today's trends.

Tab daily volume displays the rating by trading volume per day.

Derivatives - allows you to get acquainted with the detailed statistics of the market for swap contracts and cryptocurrency derivatives in the form of a table. It also shows the sorting of trades with the current value.

DeFi - a table of projects with information about decentralized finance. The data is presented in the same form as on the main page.

storage tokens - a table of tokens based on PoS. Sorting is carried out by capitalization, in the traditional style for the site.

Yield farming - a table of pharming projects, the information is sorted by the amount of capital involved, indicating the pool of liquidity and interest rate (annual).

Coins and Tokens - type of display (tokens or coins).

Gainers and Losers - this is a screener of the market, the current value is displayed here, as well as sorting by daily volume and percentage of change.

Spotlights - comparative tables of cryptocurrencies, which are based on trend indicators and the largest fall, growth. They allow you to get acquainted with the current cost and the percentage of price change per day.

Market Cap & Dominance Charts - charts of dominance and market capitalization of bitcoin, with various options for customization.

Recently AddedIs a list of coins that were recently added to the aggregator. This section lists market cap and sorts by volume.

List of exchanges Coinmarketcap.com

Coinmarketcap exchanges info


A separate tab with a list of exchanges that are sorted per day by trading volume. As numerical values, liquidity indicators are indicated, as well as the percentage of volume change, the number of traded coins and the period of the exchange foundation. On the right side there is a chart showing changes in trading volumes over the last week.


List of decentralized exchanges, divided by trading volumes for 24 hours. In numerical terms, the percentage that fell on a particular site in the total trading volume is presented. In addition, the user can get acquainted with the following information: the number of traded cryptocurrencies, as well as the date of foundation of the site. On the right is the weekly trading volume chart.


By opening this tab, you will be able to get acquainted with the list of exchanges that trade futures. Here, in numerical terms, the percentage of change in the trading volume per day is indicated (with the addition of the commission indicator for makers and takers).


Calendars & Products Coinmarketcap.comCoinmarketcap Dates

A page with events and announcements of the largest exchanges. Users have the option to subscribe to the notification mailing. To do this, just register with an email address.

By clicking on the name of the exchange, the user will go to a page with useful information - it contains statistics, a link to the official website and other useful information.

Products Coinmarketcap.com

This is an informational section, a visit to which will be useful not only for inexperienced traders, but also for experienced market participants.

Where to buy

This page contains a list of sites where you can buy or sell bitcoin. Opposite the name of the market, the place of its legal registration is displayed, as well as the presence of legal regulation, the bitcoin rate, and the date of foundation. Here you can familiarize yourself with the features and types of payments, tips for choosing a site.

Mobile Apps Coinmarketcap.com Coinmarketcap IOS App

A page with a detailed description and a button to download the mobile application from Coinmarketcap (suitable for Android и iOS). In the application, you can leave your own portfolio, as well as enable sound alerts and trade online. The app deserves the attention of novice traders, investors and crypto enthusiasts. The page also contains a news feed of events taking place in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.


This tab contains a description of the most attractive cryptocurrency projects, you can also find here useful tips for making money. At the bottom of the page it is suggested to subscribe to the newsletter. Thanks to her, the user will be informed about the addition of new materials.

blockchain explorer


This page contains a block explorer for such cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin, as well as Litecoin and Binance Coin.

Job board

Jobs search CoinmarketcapCoinmarketcap team work bulletin board. Blockchain specialists, programmers can use the Jobs board to find a worthy job.



Here is a table of the profitability of the landing page and the loan at different sites. For each project, an approximate percentage of profit for one year is indicated.


This is the developer section. It contains all the necessary documentation for working with the API. In addition, users have the opportunity to use information about the cryptocurrency markets presented in the complete database.


There are several tabs in this section. Tab “Watchlist"Is intended to add the selected cryptocurrency to"Featured»(Click on the image of the asterisk next to the cryptocurrency).Watchlist in Coinmarketcap

Another tab is "Converter". With its help, you can estimate the ratio of one cryptocurrency to another. This allows you to compare their rates against the US dollar.

Tab "Historical pictures" allows you to get acquainted with past the state of the market. The user chooses the time period independently. This function is very useful, if it is necessary to assess the dynamics of changes in the market from the established date before the current time.


On the site, users have access to a library called "Alexandria". It allows you to get comprehensive information about all aspects of the cryptocurrency system. The library is recommended for familiarization to all crypto enthusiasts, without exception. Their experience and level of knowledge in this case does not matter.

There are a lot of aggregators in the modern cryptocurrency market. Despite this, no playground other than Coinmarketcap, is not able to offer its visitors more comprehensive and useful information. Exactly because of this reason Coinmarketcap remains the best aggregator on the cryptocurrency statistics market.


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