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Today's cryptocurrency market unites thousands of types of cryptocurrencies. Despite this, their number continues to grow rapidly. In modern conditions, it is very difficult for traders to determine which Altcoyins fit for short-term operations, and which - for long-term investments... It must be said right away that an objective way of measuring the value of a coin NOT exist.

Basically, the assessment of a specific type of altcoin is carried out on the basis of a metric (market capitalization). Experienced users know that these indicators are very easy to manipulate - if necessary, they can be correct... It is in such situations that special ones come to the rescue. Servicesthat capture statistics and track the underlying factors that affect the performance of a particular coin.

It so happened that all services that perform assessment and monitoring are compared with the leading service in this direction. I Coinmarketcap.cowhich I analyzed here  "🍺 - features of the analytical service ₿". Of course, it makes no sense to carefully compare the available sites, because each resource has its own characteristics and advantages.

Further, users will be able to familiarize themselves with the resource CoinGecko, which is distinguished by a wide selection of analytical tools, a special approach to information processing. In addition, on the pages of this site you can find comprehensive information about the influence of fundamental factors on the cryptocurrency market.

Description of the CoinGecko site

CoinGecko - this is one of largest aggregators of cryptocurrency data, which operates with 2014 of the year. The founders of the resource are Malaysian guys T. M. Lee и Bobby ongwho launched the first trial version of the site. By the way, it immediately attracted the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Over time, the team included experienced programmers, as well as specialists Big Data... This allowed us to bring the site to an even higher level. The quality and impressive volumes of analytical information provided the project with a rapid development.Coingecko Leaders

Today the service carries out dickey market analysis and also tracks the order 6300 currencies from 435 various exchanges. In addition to assessing the value, market capitalization and trading level, the service also closely monitors the dynamics of society's growth. The article will review and describe the key sections of the service.

Coingecko Home Page

The start page contains large top table, including the top XNUMX cryptocurrencies. They are sorted in accordance with market capitalization... Each position is supplemented with a price chart for the last week.

For the convenience of users is available filterthat allows sorting the data. You can filter data by categories, the algorithm hashing, date adding cryptocurrency to the site. In addition to reflecting the rate against the US dollar, in the upper left corner of the table there is a button for marking 38 fiat currencies (the Russian ruble can also be selected). Another handy feature CoinGecko - the possibility of forming a virtual portfolio crypto-currency.

To create your own portfolio on the site CoinGecko, just click on the button "Portfolio" and after - "Add new currency". For example, if the user enters the ticker BTC, the coin will automatically appear in the list. By clicking on the sign "+", You will be able to indicate the course of your purchase.

Coingecko Add Coin

Portfolio after these manipulations will display current balance in mode real time based on current cryptocurrency rates. Creation and further maintenance of a virtual portfolio is convenient for Beginners traders, as well as for investorswishing to track the status cryptocurrency attachments.


This section provides information about the cryptocurrency market, including statistics on tokens, coins, as well as on exchanges and derivatives.

Market capitalization

Cryptocurrencies are sorted on the CoinGecko platform by the daily trading volume, as well as by the rate and its changes per day as a percentage.

Recently added cryptocurrencies

Coingecko New Coins

A table in which coins are sorted by the time they were added. Sorting is carried out by the daily trading volume, as well as by changes in 1, 4 hours.

Coingecko stablecoins

This contribution presents more than forty cryptocurrency stablecoins with a choice of exchange rates against USD (dollar), GPB (British pound), as well as EUR (euro), CNY (yuan) and KRW (Korean won). In the graphical display, you can see the market capitalization, as well as the percentage of market dominance, trade turnover for a certain period of time. The table also shows the market value, as well as the daily volume and capitalization. The most interesting to consider are the indicators of the change in emission for the month and the graph of the number of coins used during this period.


Coingecko farming

This tab contains a table of liquidity pools Yield farming with a choice according to the size of the collateral and the level capitalization... Also in this section, the user has the opportunity to use calculator probable losses.


High volumesCoingecko charts

In this tab, coins are ranked by the level of the trading volume per day. Here you can also get acquainted with the capitalization indicators and the graph of the rate change.

Coingecko Crypto Indices

On the CoinGecko a tab was recently added with cryptocurrency index charts, which are calculated based on the Crypto Index, Coinbase Index, and MANA Advisors. The Maha index deserves special attention. This is a special cryptocurrency index CoinGecko... Maha CoinGecko (MAGIX) is a weighted average Laspeyres index that tracks the total profitability of the cryptocurrency market. The developers have made sure that the assessment is made impartially. It is for this reason that the index weights are based solely on the market cap of 56 coins.

The MAGIX Index value combines price information on all cryptocurrency exchanges. This indicator is recalculated every 5 minutes based on market prices and changes in the supply turnover. The Maha Index (MAGIX) is positioned as the most objective market index. It is highly popular not only among investors but also among metrics researchers.

Visual representation in the form of line charts allows you to observe the dynamics of the market and compare it between different sources.

Coin overview

This tab contains lists:

  • most visited coins;
  • recently added coins;
  • lists with a positive forecast of rate growth;
  • cryptocurrencies based on the popularity index among the community.


This is a section on the site CoinGecko, which displays the situation in the cryptocurrency market. It contains the following categories: stablecoins, exchange coins, and decentralized finance coins.

Trending cryptocurrencies

List of coins with the highest growth or decline rates (assuming a trading volume of at least 500 thousand US dollars). Sorting is carried out by the percentage of price change, rate or volume (with the ability to customize a sound alert).


This table shows spot exchanges, DEX decentralized platforms, derivatives exchanges, sorted by reliability. For the convenience of users, the table also contains fixed-term and perpetual contracts, as well as a mini-chart of changes in open interest for 7 days.


Decentralized Finance in

These are the TOP cryptocurrencies of decentralized finance. The tab offers a line chart of sector capitalization for consideration DeFi... Users can also check out the DeFi-ETH ratio and dominance numbers.



The section lists tokens NFT... The relevance of this section is not easy to assess. The point is, no one knows how popular NFT tokens will be in the future. The situation with Blockchain Cuties has demonstrated that even on such not very promising investments, you can make good money.


This section contains the following parts:

  • news of the world of cryptocurrencies: an aggregator feed with the largest information portals, including Russian-language ones;
  • Podcast: Contains podcast recordings about cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

Coingecko mobile app Application

Dedicated mobile app from CoinGecko differs in simplicity and functionality. Thanks to him, users have the opportunity to get acquainted with reviews of the cryptocurrency markets, practical recommendations of experts and news. Program supported Android и iOS... As for the functionality, it is necessary to highlight convenient setting of sound notifications and support for the Russian language.

Compare Coins

Coingecko Coins info

By tab, you can easily and quickly compare любые pairs of instruments between by yourself: including machinery, key date, ROI, ATH, mouthguards, statistics by time intervals.

Bitcoin Holdings by Public Companies

The table shows 19 public companies that have investments in BTC, indicating the percentage of the current value and the total amount of investments. This information is useful not only for crypto enthusiasts, but also for large institutional investors.


Coingecko Resources

In this section, there is a link to the API, as well as reporting of the site (by months and years), a short manual and a newsletter on the use of the site.

Bitcoin Halving

Coingecko about Halving

Admiring the timer of the upcoming BTC Halving with detailed statistics.

Coingecko Community

This is the final section of the site, which contains links to CoinGecko on social networks and other resources.

Based on the foregoing, it should be noted that the service in question CoinGecko able to compete with the site Coinmarketcap... Whom to give preference - to decide for yourself crypto enthusiasts... At the same time, no one forbids the use of these two sites. parallel!


Lifehack of Borodach

Well, I read it all, well, why, Google has everything the same, Why do I need all this?

Geka, CoinMCAP, and dozens of other sites + - are the same, and all the information from them can be found in googleBut Aggregator accumulates everything in one place, and you can get all the information about the instrument in 1 clicks.

Let's look at an example of a situation when, after going through the IDO of some regular chpoken, we will consider an example  LIME from iMe Lab, we need to approve the token on our wallet so that we do not waste time on approval during listing, but immediately swap and rowing dallars.

We go in aggregator, enter in the search token, and in 2 clicks you have - 100% real address ck, code, broker, cost, Hi / Loy, original code and whatever your heart desires!

Lime Explorer


Crypto Trading

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