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What to do in the bar?

Most likely, when you looked at the name of the site and looked at the header, you thought: “Some familiar faces around. Here you can spend time nihuevo. "A little drink, a little chat, listen to a couple of bespectacled stories behind the counter ..."

All true. You are in the right place.

Investors.Bar is an online bar where adequate investors gather.

The bartender of this establishment is a direct person. Here no one will piss you in the ears for listing and vparivayte another "insider". About the good we will write good, bad - call shit.

Too “tolerant” bloggers are like fagots in Russia: lying to everyone is somehow uncomfortable, but it's scary to tell the truth. They don’t understand, the next time they won’t give money. This is not a problem when you write reviews of cosmetics or travel a blog - all the fuck about your opinion.

They go to the investment blog to get Unbiased information and earn. Not then, to drive the last $ 100 in the next "super giant", flying after the listing of the blogger.

Once I went to the page and read to this place - well done.

Register on the site, subscribe to the Telegram channel and chat.

You will like the honest presentation of information without too much pussy and scammers.

Referrals return 100% refbek.

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