Who does the Bartender hate the most? Greedy freeloaders.

In each bar there are rats who like to swell due to a random acquaintance or not dirty pay the bill. Such creatures need to break bones at the entrance to the Bar. Is the idea clear?

I thought it was unfair to deprive the attention of stupid greedy scammers. After all, most of them are in HYIPs. In our zoo there are a lot of finished admins who sold their souls for dollars and are ready for the dirtiest bang for the sake of green paper. The Skins Market is resting.

So that you do not get dirty and do not carry money to such prostitutes, in the section "Game" we will upload the information on working projects from shitty admins.

And do not need songs about "do not spoil the game to others," storytellers. If the admin is fucking scam, you can’t fix it with deposits.

NNC Systems - Bonus 2% of the contribution # SPEND
Title: Do not pay
10/10 Risk scale
Bartender deposit: $ 500
Deposit from: $ 10
Payout Type: Manual
In Bar: 5 months
RefbekYou get a bonus in the form of% of your deposit in the project: 2% Send a request
Business Model: 2% -50% per month


Opinion Bartender: The NNC Project refers to those projects in which there is so much in mind that investors are hard to get to the bottom of the matter and, as a result, hang out more often in simpler hyps. Maybe this is the secret of long work? The fact remains - while many are trying to consider the highlight of this fund, more experienced investors have long been deposited here and receive a profit.
Do not underestimate personal risks: Mr. Shifrin is a fisted and seasoned scammer. The main thing is that it doesn’t work like in a joke:
- What will happen if a Jew dreams that he dines in a restaurant?
- He will hasten to wake up before they bring the bill.
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