Blockchain and its observers - hu ar yu, gays?

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👋🏿Ku, killer whales!
Considering that crypt this year is a very relevant and profitable area of ​​investment, I decided to start information and training posts in this area. For obvious reasons, I see it makes sense to start with Blockchain reviews and BTC explorers, Ether, Binance,  in general, we will consider networks, so that when you withdraw a crypt from a Banana, you do not get lost from symbols BEP20, ERC20, MEMO and other shit. I am sure that cryptocurrency dummies will have a number of questions, ala: where are my broadcasts ??and why they didn't make it to the project or the exchange.


Token Standard Blockchain Explorer Management Token
BTC Bitcoin BTC
ERC-20 Ethereum ETH
TRC-20 Tron TRX
Binance Chain BNB
Binance SmartChain BNB


Network Explorer

Blockchain ERC-20


Is a service that allows you to see what is happening on the network and see its open statistics.Homepage

Let's start by looking at Etherscan, as you can already guess by the name - this is a coin explorer on the network ERC-20... This service is located on the site has a very user-friendly interface, but at the same time its functionality is quite extensive.
When you get to the main page of the service, there is a field at the top where you can enter: wallet address, transaction hash, block number or the name of a specific token Network ERC-20... In addition, on the main page of the site, you can draw information about the current price of the air, its capitalization, the number of transit in the network, the average cost Gaza, computational complexity and hashrate on the network. Slightly below you can see the sheet with the last calculated blocks and recent transes.

Etherscan transaction info

What else I would like to point out additionally, there are many cases when people write to me that they kicked tokens from the exchange to their Metamask but they are on the wallet NOT displayed, although the exchange writes that the operation was completed successful✅ Add Token Info The fact is that many coins need to be added to your wallet manually, for this it is worth prescribing the abbreviation of the token, its multiplicity and address contract, in most cases, it is enough just to specify the address of the smart contract of the added chpoken. Address token Finding the address of the latter is more convenient and fastest through the services Coingecko & Coinmarketcapdetailed REVIEWS which are already available in Bar... IMHO, chpokens should be added to the wallet only through the address of the SC, since when tagging by the name of the chpoken, scams-duplicates of the originals usually hang in the top of the search.

If you have a large amount of tokens stored on your wallet myetherwallet, then monitor their value in dollars equivalent very convenient in the browser Check BalanceWhen you hit search bar here is your wallet address, then you will see all their balances in a very convenient format, with prices online, as well as with their change per day as a percentage. Below will be all incoming and outgoing transactions on the wallet, which will display the price in dollars at the time of sending and their real price now. Well, for those who sent and sold their "kefirs" in 2019, now there will be fucked up how painful it is to look at these transactions)))

Binance Smart Chain and Company

Explorer Binance Smart Chain Almost Identical Ethereum Clone Explore and is located on the domain

Bscscan FrontpageAnd all operations on the network battle can be found at Other blockchains can also be monitored on this site: Ethereum Explorer и bitcoin cash explorer, network selection is in the drop-down box on the left side of the site header.Bitcoin blockchain Network transits Tron, there is an opportunity to dibanut on the service tron You can easily google the rest of the blockchain observers you need ... For the same reason, I see no reason to describe each of them separately, because the main functions are similar and are described above using an example Ethereum Explorer, and the rest are of no use to the ordinary holder and the ordinary specul ...


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