Biswap Squid NFTs — #biswap_gamefi l Honest review of the game🍺
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What is BISWAP and what is it eaten with?

biswap - Is DEX new generation, we all know UNISWAP, 1INCH who were one of the pioneers, and thanks to this they are now in the top in all respects, and in terms of the cost of their management token in particular. But what is the profit for an ordinary killer whale from these DEXs?
- the cost of the exchange + - is the same for everyone;
- liquidity pools are a very controversial thing, you can go for the whole cutlet, and as a result, withdraw a couple of bucks for beer, instead of +100500 APR ...
- Governance tokens - yes, if you are one of the lucky ones who broke into these DEXs like 2 years ago🍺 Now you could only buy CAKE at 42, and today you can watch it with a spasm at $12🥶
- IDO PancakeSWAP - yes, I remember there was 1 cool IDO - managed to pull out 300 $ + with akka, after which everyone rushed to multi-thread as if not into themselves (I not exception, still steak CAKE on $ 100 for 19 accounts, well, how else then🤯) and as a result, the last pre-New Year IDO brought as much as 10$ for 1 account, taking into account the network fees (and in order to get into IDO for sure, you had to put GWEI on the BNB network 15+), the profit was already about 7$. And if you are one of the "giraffes" who first heard for IDO on Pancake, and bought NFT CAKE for 1 CAKE + 0.5 CAKE paid a commission, and then turned the whole story over with multi-accs - congratulations, welcome to the club "Bought on highs - swept on highs"😳


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