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Angelicage.com Hyip
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Title: Do not pay
10/10 Risk scale
Bartender deposit: $ 700
Deposit from: $ 20
Payment type: Instant
In Bar: 2 years
RefbekYou get a bonus in the form of% of your deposit in the project: 12% Add to Cart
Business model: 3% - 6% daily forever


Bartender's opinion: Angelicage.com - it's high quality sawn HYIP high percentage 2020 with perpetual investment plans, which launched just recently. Dick knows who is in charge of this project, but the implementation of this shnyagi solid and correct. Tariffs for indefinite quite acceptable ... Promotion competent: they don't seem to buy everything at once, like fuckers, but they seem to be investing decent funds in PR... You cannot be blunt with the entrance to such projects, here the principle is as follows: “Late came in - sucked and left!” Therefore, as soon as I saw project, brought here 7 acres Baku to second tariff and withdraw by 4% everyday. Below you will find an overview and feedback hyip project Angelicage.com.

Angelicage.com Home Page

Project Information:

Official start of the HYIP project AngelicAge took place 26 October 2020 of the year. Since then, Odmen has been smoothly tarrying listings on various resources, kooky at the start not It happened, which is already a big plus to any unlimited karma suckers.
Legend of the project does not say that "wow so original"but at least she's not worn out until holeslike a seasoned port whore... If you believe the info on the site, Angelic Age LTD is a team nerdy enthusiasts, who switched to a new level. Now instead of jerking off and fucking lave at the games, they decided light a cigarette in your favorite area. Industry video games is an economic sector involved in the development, marketing and monetization of video games. AngelicAge.com deals investment in game development, in cybersport, into the game infrastructure, in game teams and other related eSports region.
Angelicage.com Information
In fact, the legend is very elaborate. good and described quite deployed и distinctly, as well as all the content on the site, which gives a certain seriousness to the company. But at the same time, the design of the desk is either for Schoolchildrenor for dotersor for dick knows what others nerdrothers... Although it is unique and in fact there are no complaints. The site contains fuck satisfied customers with their feedback on company, and there is still stat on the last deposits-payments. By technique everything bastard and meets the criteria for a high-quality investment project 2020: licensed script from GoldCoders, unique design, original content, intuitive interface, SSL from Sectigo Limited until October 24, 2021, NameCheap domain registrar for 2 years, host and protection against DDOS-Guard, Belize Dedicated. The company also has official regu in UK (No. 12951899.)

Investment rates in the project and affiliate program:

Angelicage.com Marketing
The lads from the hyip management team AngelicAge.com rolled out for us perpetual marketing of moderate profitability... Why moderate? Because we saw much higher daily interest rates! Here is the yield from 3% to 6% a day forever. The amount of charges depends on the size depa, standard enticement... In short, it will be possible to beat off your own in the foreground through month (considering my fucked up bonus), and then it will drip net profit... Remember this HYIPand you don't pinocchiothen everything will be norm!

There is a possibility of additional earnings in the form of a three-level ruler: 6% -2% -1% from the invitee's deposit. It is not necessary to deposit your hard-earned money to make money on the referral. You can stupidly messy outrageously)

Registration and creation of a deposit:

Platform multilingual and includes Russian language. But for bar newbies, I was not too lazy to make a step by step illustrated instructions. Go to the site by my link, click on the button in the upper left cornerJOIN US NOW» and fill in the registration form in Latin: name, login, password twice, mail twice, secret question, secret answer, wallet number... Then press the button below "REGISTRATION«.

Angelicage.com Register
Then go to the cabin using your registration data. To create a depot, click in the column on the left "OPEN DEPOSIT«, choose a tariff, enter the deposit amount, choose a payment and press «INVEST«.
Angelicage.com Add Funds
On the next tab, just press the red button "PROCESS“, after which you confirm the transaction in the payment merchant. Check the availability of a deposit in your account. If it is not there, this is a cause for concern and it is necessary to write to the administration.
Be sure to withdraw your profit dailybecause it drips from 3%. To do this, in your personal account, in the column on the left, press the button "WITHDRAWAL FUNDS«.

Lifehack from the bartender:

  • The minimum investment amount is 20 U.S. dollars.
  • The minimum amount for payment is: 1 dollar for fiat or $ 5 for cryptocurrencies.
  • Investing in the fund can be done through payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin.
  • The project has instant payments.

Vlach dynamics: HYIPLogs.com widget for angelicage.com

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Is it worth going here at the moment and if so with what amount?

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I looked at the news, I understood everything)))