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2k20 year in bar
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Results of the year 2020: It will not be a discovery for anyone - in 2к20 we are notable fucked up, but the gears spun, the wings of the odmen spread out, and the summer-autumn season turned out to be steep in all tools of Internet earnings. This will first post results of the year, I will tell you how it was, what I understood in a year, where it was possible to earn Asashay rupees, and where to give the assholes the odmen of hard-earned Dallars, and in the end what experience your humble one earned bearded bro.

So - 2d20 is a year of contrasts.

The man and the airport

(oil painting - Man and Airport)

The best place adequate investors, for Iris Bar - begins its journey with 19.11.2019but switching to slang is not quite startrather the Bar began "partisan”- a domain was bought, all the equipment was screwed on, roughly speaking - I blinded a site from shit and sticks, and then another 2 long months of work until the first Beta... The start of the Bar, as most iris knows it, took place 11.01.2020... It was on this cold January Saturday morning that he invited first change to the Bar, and began to share his thoughts with audience.

So there will be a lot of items in this release, get ready. Pour vodka or beer there, I don't know.

Office of the Year

Antares.Trade - settled in a bar as a rookie March 13, 2 days after launch in the internet... During this time, and this is 9 months and 13 days, at the time of writing the results, the odmenka poured almost 300% profit on net liability, this is 1 full circle 100% depa + 100% profit + exit to BOO on the second round. My performance is a little weaker, because After 1 circle, I was stupid for more than a month and sat on the fence, and began to shove kilobucks only in October. I am sure that globally I did not open the Pandora's box for anyone, in the posts of the TG channel every week special attention was paid exactly Tarasu, and after the death of Bar's mascot, old Richard - land to him rest in peace, Taras took the honorary first place in tools for making money on the Internet. The year the office closes brightly, the symposium was cut in MSCI really had hopes to see Baskov, on a kroynyak Morgenstern with a new super hit - but alas. Plans for 2k21 in the open access, offices are growing like mushrooms all over the world, regulations on payments without interruptions, and Sanya Richter generates more and more new programs. Let's see how the office shows itself in 2k21. My general dep in Taras for today 25k + pieces of paper with a friend Benjamin... Sasha and all the team of creators can only wish - all the best, good mood and health!

X of the Year

Without water - of course crypt! I am silent about longs, but having bought my grandfather this April 4600 - today you can fix x6 + without SMS and registration for 9 months. Autumn hype in the crypt is growing every day, thanks to the cow and Dallar machines, bloombergs-huyumbergs and the like are beginning to actively force the topic, every week I read interesting stories about paying for food and other random purchases from random people on the Internet. "Okhrymanchikha, have you heard about betkuents? In 2012, I tampered with a betkuent for $ 50 and bought bread for everything, but now it would be 100500k: DDD»Forcing crypto and celebrities on Twitter and Instagram. Musk alone is worth something, summing up - "We are going the right way, comrades! " Now there is only one problem - take out in time, and here there is already a man's struggle with his inner self ... I will not, in short, take away the bread from the crypto bears, who have been poisoning us for 9 years that the crypt lives according to those analysis, and that's all: DDDD How to save up for five or six monitors (Hamakha - preved (with the voice of a fighter from the video Madina-pryyyveeeet)), then I will broadcast about the crypt... Let's go further.

Mudila of the year

Post about not a good person

Long thought to whom to give primacy in this section... The dog's deputy reaches the final - gathered on the knee 3 dump trucksand bravuraly planted all the Vlachs on the kukan, in all three - one day... And once the darlings of the public are scum with organized crime groups "DNIEPER". Globally, assholes, they took a long time ago, squeezed out large depots of the Vlachs, did not slobber the sheets to the bears, quiet, greedy devils - in, the most accurate definition. Attracted the audience to them only - a stable one circle in any office. In the same year - the bastards buried their turnips in the office! starting with a block of structures teddy bearwho posted links on the resources about the office, and ending with a total spin all accounts in the office, it doesn't matter if you had a dep in 100500, or yesterday went to the last tweet... At the same time, the office itself remains working to this day, the drafts simply blocked all active accounts, and then they accept Cache. To drop into a scam, as they say, is sacred: DDD  So, back to the first thought, I got carried away by assholes. The champion, in the best place on the Internet, for ordinary Vlachs, becomes mrazota, the speed and amplitude of the kick is still much brighter, after all 3 dump trucks Drift + Ferma + Let`s go Money - send to the sun The Grand Prix и rays of urine on the slicer. Well, I can not deprive the attention of the Dnieper, catch the well-deserved nfirst place - bitch (in the voice of Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad), the first place is given by the permanent deanon all real - hello Miollex. and future creations of bastards. I know you are reading this, and I am sure you will like it: DDD

Fakap of the year

pako scam

Certainly participation in the garbage can Initially, nothing foreshadowed trouble, burst into one and a half pieces of Asashay, sawed down overview, communicated with odmen-scum, believed in a bright future and looked like everyone - everything little dress. BUT after some time, narrow-minded semi-poker Pashok Kolesnikov, gathered from his flock of similar sheep 34 pieces american dollar, 34 pieces KARL!!! 111 Well, guess what he did to them? correctly - pushed the odmen-shalapay into his HUIP... The latter did not think for a long time, and after three days he wished everyone hold on, and good mood... Details of this trash and chronology can be viewed in TG channel.

Bartender Conclusions: for absolutely any, even a well-sculpted HUIP, there will always be one Pashka Polupoker (double PP pasha). I got there then ...

Sadness of the year

Cry ...

It's about talisman Bar - one of first projects invited to the rack, and gave as a result 100%+ profit watford.corp.

Mr. Richard, or Bald Broand Bald Light enriched all the iris in Bar without exception, we managed to make a great profit go out all. Except for the kid himself Richard.

2 October the outgoing year Richieheartbroken at closing his brainchild, the corporation Wadding, stupidly moved the horses and rode into black soil... Especially the comments from this resource were delivered, look through 😀 saved a couple for you:RIP Richard RIP Richard RIP Richard Richard RIP.

Film reels of the yearFilms:

Preview Social Dilemma

"Social dilemma" — 94 minutes, September 2k20. Looks in one breath, washed down perfectly cold guineas... The information is not new, but excellent structured... Will not leave anyone indifferent. Before us is a meal in which former employees of the largest technology companies talked about the mechanisms and algorithms that underlie the activities social networks... After the release of the film, many social media users decided to stop using them. In the media "Social dilemma" have been named "The most important documentary in recent years", but some experts also criticized paintingsclaiming she raises questions manipulationbut herself manipulates spectators.Officer and spy

"Officer and Spy»puzzle, keeps in suspense until the very end. Which turned out to be ambiguous. Italian-French historical-detective drama directed by Roman Polanski. The plot is based on the infamous story of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, an artillery officer convicted of espionage. A long-term lawsuit has split the French public view and had the strongest impact on the history of France and all of Europe at the turn of the XIX - XX centuries.Spoiler Capital in the 21st century

"Capital in the XXI century" — Documentary based on the bestselling book by French economist Tom Piketty explores the problem wealth and distribution of benefits, as well as the reasons for social inequalities in the modern world. The picture explores the causes and possible solutions to the problem of social bundles, at which most of the capital on our planet focused in the hands of the absolute minorities of people. How is technical progress and enrichment related? What future awaits humanity if soon two-thirds of the population will be significantly poorer than their parents were several decades ago?

TV series:

Paper house spoiler

"Paper house" (4 seasons since 2017) - straight from the heart. Delays since the first episode, and, oddly enough, with each season the film became only more fun, instead of the standard finger sucking... The action of the first and second seasons takes place in Madrid around the group adventurersusing city names as codenames, led by the mysterious A professor... Their plan is to endure 2,4 billion euros from the Spanish Royal Mint. Taking hostage 67 man, the team will have to print money within 11 days, while confronting the elite police forces.

After that, the team members are forced to lay low on two years, and then organize a second heist, this time - Bank of Spain.

Better call Saul a review

"You Better Call Saul" - Season 5, from 2015. Continuation of the epic "Breaking bad" and "The Road". The fifth season shows the development of Jimmy, who got his legal license back after a year's suspension. Watch exclusively only after viewing everythingBreaking bad» not otherwise.

Purchase of the Year -Ship - ept "

Inflatable boat

Somehow in summer, I, by virtue of my little hobby, lying on the banks of one of the canals, and used pivandryadmiring the surface water, it was getting dark... And at some point, my gaze opens picture: floats means boat, inflatable, guys, and from the column JBL comrade greets Morgenstern... I'm already jealous was, not a column limb ... ZHEBELKA separate for me история: just a couple years that the people believed in electric transportHis futureand world peace... It's funny to see how, three years later, from what everyone wants cyberpunk the previously mentioned transport turned into game, which spares each participant in the movement. Even those who saved up dallars on them, in Najed, rather buy and cut along the sidewalks - them hated. In total, from the hope for a bright future, all this was transformed into a sign of a shit eater. Why am I writing all this? Oh YES - the last time this happened with bluetooth speakers (:

So, I got to campuchter, and rammed into the internet your personal ship... By the morning, estessna regretted, but it was already late. As a result, the ship in quarantine is your own beachwhere you don't have to pay for sunbed, cover phone with a towel so that it is not screwed up and listen how crush swears with someone on the phone while her children generously shower you with sand... Sailing away from shores, cover glade, turn on your cattle-column JBL и chill you like scum... Sometimes you hang such, and here the ferry route, miss, and the cap is still catching up with you fafaknet в thank you. Lapotaaa. Bartender - Recommended

Well, and an Easter egg for those who have read to the end: for fans of numbers, I have structured deposits, payments, dynamics, bonuses and insurance for Padawans of the Bar.

  • Total projects in the bar for the reporting period: 44Projects 2020

The picture is clickable - click on it and see in detail

  • Total bonuses paid on Monday: $ 5.1о1

Iris bonuses

The picture is clickable - click on it and see in detail

  • Total paid RCB - 8k +
  • Total paid Insurance - 12k +
  • Total invested - 56.858 k

Deposit amounts


The picture is clickable - click on it and see in detail

  • Total returned to the cashier Bar - 55.39ok

Active HUIP portfolio instruments as of 28.12.2q20: $ 28.1oo

Profit for the reporting period amounted to 46.7% of bankroll

Not completed in 2Q20:

  • Start of social networks
  • Start Yutarchik
  • Launch of regular Iris Poker tournaments

Kasatiki, I solemnly swear to reform in 2k21 - Further More!

Holiday greetings New Year! Do not be too hot, and take care of yourself! See you in the new year The best location for adequate investors!

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The bartender pleased with the content, variety and brevity, as he himself would say, in one snout.
The King, the Queen (as well as those standing nearby) are in awe.
This is a new level.

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Thanks for the detailed review. It has gone.

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The bartender, as always at a height, read the review in one breath, sharp, easy, it was and informative, in places she remembered with gratitude, but somewhere she felt sad, in a word, the bar visitors are unlikely to remain indifferent. I wish the bar prosperity in the New Year, and the Barman health and resilience in the dense world of HYIPs.