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🍺 - Refback and REAL reviews on the work of Exfunds

Bartender's opinion: - this is the newest high-yielding hype of 2021, which promises simply fucking profitability! Just imagine that even at minimum salaries you can light a cigarette 120% profit in cash, and with my trump refback Exfunds at the rate of 5% the broth becomes even fatter. At the same time, there is the possibility of early withdrawal of the deposit already after 24 hours by paying a commission of only 10%, I consider it an excellent piggy bank at its very start, therefore I do not advise the whales to blunt and pull the cat for яйцо... By the way, in past projects of this administration, visitors bar managed fucking earn! Exbonds worked for 60 days, and Axtrader showed at all space results and worked on similar marketing as much as 120 days! The project burst into the masses noisily, with insight and kooky, but this was the last time ... 500 bachey and watch how they will pull this time. Below alcohol investors will be able to contemplate the review and feedback Exfunds...

С Review
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🍺 С - Refbek and REAL reviews about the work of Сointerra

Bartender's opinion: Сointerra Is a newly minted mid-income HYIP project 2021 years with very interesting and promising investment rates, which fuck what a variety, and therefore will satisfy a wide audience with different tastes. The admin of this site is not yesterday, he was quite successful in overseeing projects from 2015 to 2019, but after that it was not heard about him. Official site Сointerra washed down dignified and neglected a couple of days agothat me quite arranged... In short, I did not crush the sissy, but decided to quickly throw 500 bucks for 30 working days. Yes, and this is my review Сointerra will be among the first in the vastness of the international web. Below, all iris have the opportunity to study in detail reviews about Cointerra...

2k20 year in bar
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Year results 2̶0̶2̶0̶🎄️in our Bar

Results of the year 2020: It will not be a discovery for anyone - in 2к20 we are notable fucked up, but the gears spun, the wings of the odmen spread out, and the summer-autumn season turned out to be steep in all tools of Internet earnings. This will first post results of the year, I will tell you how it was, what I understood in a year, where it was possible to earn Asashay rupees, and where to give the assholes the odmen of hard-earned Dallars, and in the end what experience your humble one earned bearded bro.


🍺 - review, reviews l refback 7% of the deposit

Bartender's opinion: - it's real fucked up a middleman with moderate investment marketing that is conducive to long work. In addition, the company has a real business on earth, which a priori pluses the project karma. Any gonerif he wants, he can conclude a formal contract with the company LLC “Alegrim" This can be disturbed, both remotely and when visiting the office. company, which is based in Moscow City. It seems the guys are going to develop structures not only online, but also on the ground. For some reason, it seems to me that the platform in the summer will crap on half-open, and in the fall season will go into active phase, and by then we should already go to zero if everything goes together properly and without any force majeure.

Superkopilka preview
/ - review, reviews l refback 10% of the deposit

Bartender's opinion: SuperKopilka - The legend project, which has been working since May 13, 2013. You yourself understand that for the world of high-yield funds this is an extraordinary deadline, so this project is not even appropriate to be put on a par with the hypes that we are used to. Over the years of work Super Piggy Bank only lazy people didn’t work in it, there are a lot of reviews about the project on the network, and without any problems you can evaluate its grandiose scale. This is a really cool investment platform that has been steadily paying profits for 7 years, and not only on deposits and affiliate programs, but even compensates for losses in other highs. In a word, SuperKopilka breaks stereotypes and shows other administrators an example of how to work.

Cryptocurrency rate
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TOP 5 Reasons for Scam (Admins Edition)

All admins - creepy pizdabol. Projects are presented as powerful international companies, trading holdings, oil traders or hedge funds. But the most pathos top project has a scam. What do admins do after scam? Continue to do what you love.

You can’t just say: "I'm a greedy fuckerenough for me 5000$. Goodbye to everyone, everyone turned on a bolt. "

Hit parade TOP5 of the most common causes of scam according to admins.

Preview VPN
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Which VPN service to choose in 2020 or VPN - let's be friends!

The importance of network security is growing every year, because the Internet is becoming not only an environment of entertainment and communication, but also a whole ecosystem in which you can work, buy and sell, use services and services. Every day we leave a large amount of information about ourselves in the depths of the World Wide Web and cannot be sure that this data will not be used to the detriment. In this article, I will share with you my experienced opinion on how to protect yourself on the Internet and what measures should be applied for this.

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Bitcoin in 2k20: ace Moon or as usual?

The aboriginal bitcoin has been predicted for several years now, and every coin owner desperately expects that one fine morning the main cryptocurrency will make several X's and continue its endless growth. Finally, there is a good reason to wait for the fulfillment of this cherished dream and it is called Bitcoin halving. What is this and is this event really capable of pushing the cue ball rate - we will understand in this article.


TOP 5 real reasons for scam

Any hype project sooner or later comes to its scam and, as a rule, the real reason for completing its work remains unknown to investors. Admins are rich in imagination and often come up with the most fabulous stories about why they had to close the project, while most often, they are guided only thirst money or a cuckoo who went, the benefit of such earflaps not so much. In this article, we will talk in detail about the real reasons for closing hyips, which are often very far from the admin version.

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